Looking for the perfect honeymoon destination? Head to Resort Frégate Island Private in Seychelles


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This is as close to living in a tropical paradise as you will ever get. With spectacular yet secluded beaches, gigantic private villas, and the company of some pretty amazing wildlife, the Frégate Island Private Resort by the Oetker Group of Hotels might just be honeymoon haven.

Frégate island is truly an exceptional place. It is one of the 115 islands in the Seychelles archipelago, located an hour-long ferry ride away, east of the capital city of Mahé. The place is known for being one of the only places to spot the endangered hawksbill turtles in their natural habitat, who can be seen climbing ashore in broad daylight.

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Made For

With its secluded location, granite outcrops, resident wildlife and the feeling of being away from the hustle-bustle of the world, this luxury resort is ideal for newlyweds and couples looking to get a little magic back into their lives.

About the property

Frégate has 16 very large, private villas, each with its own pool. These are built into the slopes on one side of the island and connected to the harbour and the restaurant with man-made paths. The rest of the island has been left untouched, giving you a chance to experience the wild in its natural habitat.

These villas were refurbished in 2013 after the property was taken over by the Oetker Collection group of hotels. The decor of the room gives off a calm and cooling vibe. There's an outdoor dining area with sun loungers and the bathroom is stocked with toiletries made with plants and herbs from the island itself.

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Each villa is assigned a butler, who will make sure you have the best stay possible. The rest of the facilities on the resort are extensive, including a dive centre, deep sea fishing boat, surfing and other water sports options. There's also a great Rock Spa that offers a variety of massages and wraps. Make sure you request the staff to use island-made products only. However, one down side of the spa is that it doesn't have an indoor unit to relax.

The island has seven beaches and at least one of them can be reserved for private use each day with meals and drinks being transported by the staff.


The per day cost for the villas ranges from €3,100 to €9,000 (₹2,40,000 to ₹6,97,000) in the low season and between €4,700 and €14,000 (₹3,64,000 to ₹10,85,000) in the high season.

These rates might seem exorbitant at first glance, but the inclusions make it worth it. All meals anywhere on the island, soft drinks, house wines and local beers, personal laundry, an island buggy, non-motorised water sports and guided nature walks, WiFi, a 55-minute head and shoulder massage on arrival, a 55-minute introductory yoga session, and an introductory scuba diving session are all a part of the package. At certain times during the year, a minimum stay-in period applies, but that's about the only downside.


Around 85 per cent of the produce (food and vegetables) used for making the meals are grown organically on the island itself; these include pineapples, aubergines, basil, garlic, peppers, beans, and much more. The freshness ensures that the food is excellent. Of course, the sea food is spectacular. The restaurant offers multiple cuisines and the Indian food is to die for. They have a delicious local beer and house wines in addition to internationally manufactured liquor.

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The guests can take meals anywhere and at any time and while they do offer you a specific menu, if you ask well in advance, they will accommodate almost any request when it comes to food.

Best time to go

Although open all year round, April-May and October-November are the perfect months to visit Seychelles as these are the periods of transition from seasons, offering the perfect weather and less humidity than other months. 

How to get there

The closest airport is the Seychelles International Airport in Mahé. From there it is either an hour-long ferry ride to Frégate or a 20-minute helicopter ride. There's no other way to reach the island.

What to do there

This secluded little place in Seychelles has a lot to offer in terms of activities, both for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

If you're looking for a relaxing trip, spend time at the spa and doing yoga sessions during the afternoon. You can go star-gazing at night and then lie on the beach early morning with thousands of turtles who come there to hatch eggs. The resort offers regular nature-walks through the forests on the island and this is something you should do at least once during your trip.

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For adventure lovers, you can choose from the array of water sports that the resort has on offer, including surfing, para sailing, deep sea fishing and scuba diving.

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