Beat the heat this summer in Thailand

2nd Oct 2017
Photo of Beat the heat this summer in Thailand by Preet Bedi
Day 1

"What excites you the most? "-I asked myself.
"All those upcoming vacations "-I grinned.

Yeah, my first international trip that was going to be. My limits met no bound. My excitement met the strongest of tempest. I just couldn't wait for the calender to flip through. And why not. We all grow up imagining crystal clear blue water as a synonym of beaches and especially if we talk about someplace abroad. And to actually go witness it was something that was definitely not gonna let me sleep peacefully until I was actually buckled up for it.

So to literally beat the heat that summer, I flew over to our not so far neighbour - Thailand. Or maybe the land of crystal clear beaches and rowdy thai palaces. This place literally needs no introduction as it is always topping every traveller's list.

So we landed at the mighty 'Suvarnabhumi Airport' in the city of Bangkok and took a shuttle for the nearby city of Pattaya.
Pattaya and it's night life, there's no better combination. It's crystal clear beaches and it's serene islands. Some mentionable names of the alluring nearby islands are karabi , ko Lan, ko Phai etc. But trust me each one you visit you feel that one beats the odd against all.

Visit the karabi Islands and also the add on beaches in pattaya. Don't dare to miss all those water sports, they are just too good. Right from para-sailing to sea walking each one has its own 'one of a kind experience'. And then just wander off into the shacks with exquisite thai cuisine to end your perfect day.

Photo of Beat the heat this summer in Thailand by Preet Bedi
Day 2

Visit ko lan, ko phai Islands. They are easy rides away from the main city. Don't miss out shopping at the walking street pattaya by the end of the day.
Try local cuisine against ordinary to get the perfect taste of the place.

Photo of Beat the heat this summer in Thailand by Preet Bedi

What meets the eye is just magnificent

Photo of Beat the heat this summer in Thailand by Preet Bedi
Day 3

It's always fun visiting theme parks isn't it? And if it's one of the biggest in the whole continent, then surely the place deserves a visit. Ramayana Water Park is no less than an adventure in itself. You can visit this place to wind your pattaya party with a blast.

Day 4

Finally after spending perfect three days  tanning yourself under the sun, coming back to Bangkok feels amazingly relaxing.
The city of skyscrapers and cozy malls. The city of Thai culture touched with modernity to an infinite camouflage.
This city is one of the best stops for shopping, be it it's ultra huge malls or extra specialized markets.
Don't miss the 'Chao Phraya Princess Dinner Cruise'. It's one of the best attractions of the city.

A view from the cruise

Photo of Beat the heat this summer in Thailand by Preet Bedi
Day 5

There are a lot many amusement parks spread all over the city. Visit 'Dream World ' to actually get carried away into a world of dreams. It's a perfect places for kids but definitely a nice place to relax for everyone from its 7d cinema experience to it's hobbiton, from its roller coaster ride to it's snow world, all this at one place.

Day 6

The Jungle safari is just the perfect way to end your trip. It's not a totally movie fashioned safari but definitely one of a kind experience.

This trip seemed much like we were leaving so much cause this pristine land had so much more to offer. In one way it was nice, you get a turn to revisit the place.