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Step-by-step Guide To Opening A Cafe In The Hills | Vanshita Khanna | Cafe Lakeside
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Hosted in Hinglish | 2 Hours

About the workshop

If you are an avid traveller, chances are that opening and running a cafe in the hills has crossed your mind at least once! Well, here it is. A comprehensive guide for aspiring chefs and avid travellers to bring both passions together. Vanshita, the owner of Cafe Lakeside breaks down the process of opening a cafe, building a team, marketing and most importantly how to grow the business. Here’s what you will learn:

  • Let’s start with research
     Surveying and identifying potential markets 
    – Exploring locations and rentals
    – Figuring out your budget
    – Sorting out permits and licenses
    – Setting a realistic timeline 
  • Laying the foundation 
    – Identifying space and kitchen design
    – Curating the menu
    – Building the A-team
    – Putting down your SoPs 
  • Building Blocks 
    – Understanding supply chain and logistics
    – Building your brand
    – Finalizing your crockery, cutlery and packaging
    – Creating a billing and accounting system
    – Marketing strategies and online presence 
  • Running the Show
    – Creating experiences and USPs
    – Working with reviews and ratings
    – Amending along the way
    – Quality checks 

About the host:

Vanshita always nurtured the dream of running her own cafe in the hills. Her love for food only made the resolve stronger. She managed to make that dream come true at just 21 when she opened Cafe Lakeside. Her expertise lies in creating experiences for travellers and she has curated dishes from around the world and recreated them in a way that complements the scenic beauty of Nainital. Curating everything from fresh ingredients to training local staff to interact with travellers from around the world, she’s had an exciting journey. And she’s here to share her experience and expertise with avid learners or hospitality aficionados.

You can follow Cafe Lakeside’s journey on Instagram here.


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