No bro i met lots of solo girls in hostels.even i have seen they are more likely to travel solo and freely as families are now a days mature and they understand all this.for safety concerns they probably travel to places where hostels are available so they can feel safely and enjoy around new people.
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I never said they don’t travel solo. I am particularly talking about those pretentious solo travellers
What makes you think that people, specially girls are putting false posts of solo travel?
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This is from my personal experience. I didn't say all. I do admire the female solo traveller who are true to themselves and their audience.
Why would you think girls are "just" writing about dolo travelling?
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This is cheap tricks to get fame dear and let me rephrase it for you. I am not talking all all the girls here. Understand the difference before you answer
First of all, why is it getting difficult for you? Everybody has a right to travel by whichever way they want be it solo or friends. Secondly, what makes you think they are false posting or doing it just for the trend of it. Not everybody who wishes to travel is surrounded by friends, and even if they are their schedules never match. So most of them travel Solo!! Hope you now got the right answer!
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I have never come across any such picture or heard this before I'm hearing this for the first time, if it's true, then, its quite weird and immature
I don't have any problem people travelling solo or in group. The only thing here is when people creates false impression on others by their so called solo travelling experience just to get some fame over social media. Imagine, if I would have said I travelled solo to POK and it was safe.
I am a Solo traveller.i get my pictures clicked by co travellers that I meet on the way or may be from the hostel I stay. with the pictures you really can't judge ..even though I am a solo traveller I have been with my friends twice to two different places. And ya this solo travel thing is becoming a cool sort of thing ,which not everyone can really do it and to show off some just name it as that way