Its still solo..
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Well since we travel with unknown people which later may or may not become a familiar person to you... if you travel alone then also you meet new people and even if you are traveling in a group they are initially unknown to you right so it's a solo trip indeed
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When you step out of house you are alone and you're not accompanied by anyone. When you meet someone who is also alone you get to know them talk to them and if you both have same common point of interest like visiting other place then you will have someone else you are by yourself. So, Once you are travelling alone that itself marks you as a solo traveller.
Hi Vidhisha..A solo traveller is itself being alone and travelling with fellow people like us. Yes we are strangers and we meet new people of our choice and we leave them when our travel duration is completed..but u remember that person rest of life. I would say solo traveller or travelling with trip community is same.