I don't think that login is necessary to read the blog, but yes, to wishlist the blog, they'll have to login.
Hi Jyotsna, the pop up you see which asks to login have a close sign in top right corner and you can actually skip it by clicking on it, so its not a compulsory thing at all
Hi Jyotsna, Yes, But there is a popup asking for login and one cross button the top of popup. Once you close the popup, you can see the complete blog. This happened to me as well. Happy Travelling! Thanks, Yasmin
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It is there, but in phone the pop up takes the place of whole screen, so viewers instead of clicking on x icon , they click on back button and do not read the post itself. I would want you to put a skip registration button over there.
Hi logging in is not compulsary. maybe you sharing thr referral link. just send them the link of your blog post.
Hey Jyotsna, I have written to Tripoto team on this and have asked them to take action on this item .... Happy Blogging!!
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Welcome. ..
Thanks Anil