Hey Shiva, Few dates are pre decided ... but not like only one date .. you will be having 3 to 4 dates for the trip you got ... You have to select one of those dates and leave .... Few are like you can decide the date and go ... Hope I was clear ... Happy Travelling Bro!!!
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Welcome ...
That depends on the Trip you choose, some of them give you the flexibility to choose dates. But they always mention a definite time period between which you can choose any dates. Good Luck!!! Happy Blogging!!
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It depends on the type of giveaway. Some giveaway have flexible dates, means you can choose your own date. Otherwise you will be provided 3-4 dates grin which you have to choose.
Hi Shiva, You need to check the description for the particular trip or you can email on Happy Travelling! Thanks, Yasmin
There are various dates available for one trip, you can ask that by mailing them at
Hi Shiva After redeeming a trip, you are given 3-4 dates out of which you can choose one.