You will love Rajasthani dish,specially 'Laal Mansh'. Or try kerala with its 'yummy' spicy dishes. So plan accordingly.
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Wow... I will definitely try all the dishes... I just love traveling and I really like to try new dishes..from new places.. thank you for the suggestion I will definitely plan accordingly..
Where would you wanna go? North, East, West , South.... All have their different cuisines...Let me know, It'll be better to explain then!
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Chandrashila and Tungnath if you love trekking otherwise Kedarnath
Mmmm.. mountains???
Always welcome to the Gods own country, Kerala there are lots of beautiful things and peoples cultures are waiting for you and the best thing is all are always budget friendly
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Yah I know.. Kerala is a very beautiful place.. the tea gardens, spice garden, coco garden, Back water house boat ride, Kottyam Shiva temple... I just cant forget.. right now I am in my flashback.. specially the Araku Vally and Araku special Chilli Fries .. and there banana chips, fruit chocolates a
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Always Welcome to Kashmir . Wazwan & Nun chaai (Tea) is waiting for u .
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Wazwan is Kashmiri food tradition contains several meat items made in different sauces such as Rogan josh,Chicken,Rista(meat ball),gushtaba,chilli korma,Kabab,Tabakhmaaz,Yakhni,paneer,aabghosht etc.
Kashmir is one of my favorite place but what is Wazwan?
If you haven't explored Uttarakhand, I would highly recommend you to visit the state!It has so much of unexplored beauty!
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Like Kedarnath??
You can visit himachal the best place to be after being at home for sooo long.... staying between mountains and admiring nature would be the best idea...
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Thank you.. I will definitely plan for Himachal..btw is there anykind of special dish or cuisine over there?
If you haven't visited Madhya Pradesh, then you must go and visit the national parks where you can find the Indian tigers, and there are a lots of cities such as Khajuraho, Sanchi, Gwalior which have historical monuments.
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Yes I have visited Maddhya Pradesh.. but unfortunately we din get the permission to visit the national forest because that day the forest was closed for some kind of inspection that's why we din get the permission to visit that place
If you want to go north manali, Dalhousie i prefer. there are many treks around there. manali have great city life and night life too. For sure maggie at high altitude, chai bread, omlet of manali, alu paratha and punjabi. and the best momos
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I have visited Manali and Dalhousi too.. but I din go for trekking..actually that time I didn't know about it.. and Maggie, momos, Paratha and any kind of Chiken related food that can be Omlet or it's mother chicken are my all time favorite food.. I can eat anytime 😍 thank you for the suggestion..
Visit North Bengal ( Darjeeling, Lava, Lolegaon, Jhalong, Mirik, Kurseong, Lataguri, Gorumara and many more neighbouring places).. coming to food.. this is a heaven for MOMO and Chowmein lovers.. the food culture here is a mix of many neighbouring countries.. wanna know more? come and explore!! xD
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Honestly I have visited almost 80% of India but unfortunately I din get time to visit these places.. thank you for the suggestion..i will definitely plan for it.
Kasol Himachal Pradesh
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Wooo.. I have heard about it.. but can u plz tell me about the place..speciality??
There are various small towns where you can go... Auli, Rishikesh, Dehradun and Mussoorie