Hello Divya, If you do not wish to stay in expensive tents you can invest that money in hiring a car or any other mode of transport though two wheelers on rent in Kutuch I am not much aware of nor its much common as in Goa etc. With this car you can travel around there are many other intresting places around in Kutuch like Jaisal Toral Tomb (they were lovers and had intresting story which you can know from there) , 72 Jinalaya (temple) jain monument and its beaultiful, you can visit Bhujodi which is a Village in itself built post earthquake where each house has some different and amazing creative items to sell, visit narayan sarovar , Visit koteshwar which is on shore and they say Pakistan is some Kilometers away from there through shore and it has beautiful shore line you would just want to sit and see the shore, Haji Pir Dargah while travelling you witness very beautiful sand dunes. And You can stay around in small villages They all have decent places with humble facility to stay. P.S: Don't forget you plan your trip on full moon day that is when you can see amazing view of white Desert at its best and don't forget to eat Gulab pak and home made achar there. They are the best ! Have amazing trip!!
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Hey Divya, The tent city is the epicenter of all activities like food festival, shopping , music and dance all happens. .. so you must take a tent Der and stay for the amount of time you need to visit rann ... Happy Travelling!!!
You can visit city any time during food festival and other programmes
Yes it is not mandatory to take the tent for stay and there is no entry fees
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Which place would you recommend to stay in Kutch or bhuj ?
Thanks a lot
What is tent city? Is rann utsav good though
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Please check this out, you will get all the answers. I believe it's worth a visit rest I will share my experience after my visit :)
Tents might charge but the entry is free I guess