I heard about zostel offering the same you can check that out on zostel LinkedIn or Instragram page.
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Yes there are many, depends on where you wish to go. but if you have decided the locations hostels like; zostel, the hosteller, gostops, Joey's hostel, backpakerpanda, moustache are some big brands around India which are easily approachable.
Volunteering is much a part of travelling which offers satisfaction with a mind to travel. There are many such opportunities posted in LinkedIn which you could check. A few I know I will share, kindly check with them Live in Thar desert helping us Jaisalmer Hostel Abu safari Help teach hotel staff English Jaisalmer Reception and cafe handling Mahabalipuram and more.
There are a lot of hostel but big chains like; zostel, the hosteller, gostops, backpacking panda, moustache, Joey's hostel are across India and are easily approachable. other than this if you have any particular place in mind, search the hostels with less branches through hostel world or and you will find great hostels to work with as they reply faster too
Musafir hostels in udaipur are recently looking for volunteers.
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Contact me 9555959722
We have a hostel in Manali so we need volunteer.
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Contact me 9594455398
Contact me 9555959722
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Look for hostels in the specific regions or cities in India where you would like to volunteer. Check their websites or contact them directly to inquire about volunteer programs.