Hey Saurabh, Night treks are not allowed in and around bangalore. Skandagiri Sun rise trek is advisable and it is organized by many agencies and trekking clubs, Can be done on your own as well. Basic Itinerary is: Pick up at few of the locations in bangalore by 11 and head to the base. Take permission from forest officials-costs around Rs 250. Trek to the peak is allowed at around 3.00 AM Reach the peak, witness sunrise, spend some time and descend to the base by around 9 AM or 10 AM and head to bangalore.
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Most of the night trek places near Bangalore are Banned. That's the reason I don't go much on night trek. But I visited this amazing place for night trek and it turned out to be a very good trip. Kunti Betta - 130 km This place is famous for night trek. I have been to night trek to this place which turned out to be an amazing experience. Its accessible even by public transport. Read my blog for the detailed post about my night trekking experience. Makalidurga - 55 km I'd done trek here thrice, 1 at night and 2 in the day. This place is very good for the beginners and night trekkers. Have a look at my blog for the detailed post as well. I can list few more places but the ones I mentioned above are the best ones.
Anthargange trek is one of the amazing night trek. Give it a try!!
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That was bad!! But it is known for night trek. We also went there 2 months back. Luckily we didn't face this problem.
Thanks smriti. I have been there last month only. I parked my car at the starting point of the trek. there it got damaged. someone broke it's glasses and stole all the things inside. local cop told me it's not allowed to visit at night.
You should look at Nandi Hills
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Thanks Abhijit. I have been there too. looking for something different. coz in Nandi hill they will allow you only after 5AM in the morning.