Hello Niharika, Har Ki Dun is all about changing landscapes and marvellous views. Har Ki Dun is a seasonal trek and in December, the place is laid with 5 feet deep snow. This leads the authorities to close the gates for trekkers sometimes. With the onset of March, the gates reopen for trekker and it is actually the best time to trek and camp during this phase. Mobile networks are not strong. As far as the difficulty level is concerned, the trek is easy with gradual descends and steep path. Overall, the trek is great for all types of trekkers. Thanks!
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Hi Niharika! The Har ki Dun valley remains mostly snow covered from December till March, so the weather is pretty cold. In winters, the temperature has been known to fall to -10 degrees. But if you're looking to admire the scenic beauty of the valley, then winters are the best time to undertake this trek. At the end of your trek, you'll see beautiful snow covered mountains. On the actual trek, it is extremely difficult to get any network. BSNL services do work in the valley but you'll only be able to catch a signal near the villages where the trek begins. The minimum duration needed for completing the trek is 4 days. It will also depend on how much distance you, personally, are comfortable with covering in a day. The total trek is 54 kms long. The Har ki Dun is relatively easy as it is not too steep and has a well carved out path. The trek is not very difficult, even if you're a beginner. When doing this trek, I would advise you hike in a group, carry a first aid kit with you, and try to cover the maximum distance before the sun sets. Also, remember to carry an extra pair of socks! You can check out these trips for more information on what the trek is all about! Happy Trekking!
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Thank you
Hi, it is mostly snow covered from December until March. It's beautiful if you love trekking. The mobile network is not that great. But that's another reason you'll get to connect with nature and enjoy it to the fullest.
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