I am going too
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As i also planning to do . for solo its good to go and nothing to worry u just need to know some rules and way to go ..what to do what not to do ...and where to go what are the timming ..and yes most important budget and number of days of my case i am student so i always do in my budget with minimum expenses
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Thanks for the info both of you!
Okay chatterjee saab thank u .
Yes Solo travelers are not allowed. So here is the catch, if you say you are travelling alone in Permit office, it gets rejected straightaway. You need to club to any group that you see there in permit office, get the permit and then you can go alone.
You cannot do Solo travel in Bhutan, its not permitted
Tiger’s Nest Monastery Punakha Dzong Zuri Dzong Hike Uma Paro Hotel angtey Valley
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Thanks for the info!
Bhutan is one of the safest countries in the world. You can also get female guides and drivers to travel with you.
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Thannks for the info
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Yes you can.
Thank you As mentioned above by a traveller are we allowed to travel solo?
We have packages for the same please dm
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You need to make travel permission... the convenience cost is much higher
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Ok i will see to tha!
Dear fellow traveler, checkout the link below this will help you out.
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Your most welcome dear one, Happy travelling
Sure will!