Hi, Right now the main Highway from delhi to Chandigarh is close due to farmers strike. but bus are going via some other route. Plan: Day 1. Go to Majnu ka Teela/ISBT Delhi in evening take a bus to Manali. you can take bus for Mandi also. from Mandi you can take Bus to manali also. leave the bus at Bhuntar 10 km before kullu. from bhuntar you can get share taxi for kasol. after reaching kasol you can get cheap hotel and homestay around 500 per night. eat outside and have fun.
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Also delhi - kasol bus services are available... no need to leave the bus at bhuntar
If you are local from north delhi than you can go via lampur border or dahesra border to bhalgarh... no road blockage from bhalgarh to Chandigarh..buses prefer loni - baghpat- bhalgarh or loni -baghpat- shaamli- karnal
You can plan your trip from my Manali blog.
No one is mature there kasol a beauty with side effects. so be strong have collect knowledge ,things to carry that protect u from harsh winter and corona also..thats all for today. u r ready to go
Stay in hostel like Hosteller, Nomad Hostel, whoopers hostel, and Highland Gojh kasol check out