Https:// three types of them are ther i would say go for the ACro tandem
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I doubt about solo training as it involves risk. you can just mail them regarding same in site
Thankyou so much for giving your valuable time.
Do you know about solo flight training cost and duration?
Go to Bir in Himachal it's the world second highest paragliding. you'll love the place and they provide proper training and equipments for solo paragliding. and the place is amazing and if you're going solo or in small group stay at connect (it's a camping site) if you have any questions feel free. I had stayed there for more than 20 days..
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Approx 2500rs is charges for 10-15 min of paragliding fees at kamshet. There are many operators like kamshet paragling, temple hights, fly kamshet etc. Go with Temple hights their service is far better than any other in kamshet
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You can do paragliding in Kamshet for anything around 2000-5000 depending upon the type of ride. The usual duration is 10-15 minutes. For training, there are multiple courses available. The most basic course would be for around 4 to 5 days and would cost you around 15k rupees.
The tandem paragliding joy rides cost anywhere between ₹1800- ₹3000 depending on the company you fly with for the flight duration from 10 to 30 minutes. You can also rent a GoPro to record your entire flight at an extra cost of about ₹1000.