Mostly yes for travel dates between Last week of April to mid June. Even i was thinking about doing the same by hitchhiking/public transport/shared taxis. But only issue is the dates which I can't confirm now.
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Great i will update you for sure.
Okay. well I will be landing there on 20th April and spend further week exploring Kaza, Nako, Tabo, Spiti and other in the valley. infact Chitkul is also in my plan. So check it if possible.
Bro what is the budget
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I can't ascertain but it would be between 15k to 20k. However I have estimated taking upper limit for expenses it may count down depending upon situations.
Hi, I am planning the same dates, but mode of transport wld be motorcycle
Hi anyone intrested accompany me on my singapur or vietnam trip 🙂🙂