Checkout your credit points first. Are they redeemed your credit point? Huh. And why they asked you for extra charges?
Tripoto refunded my 3300 credits, and now I have 4200 credits. and this was my first ever redemption. They said that since it was twin sharing package, so for single person, I will have to pay.
Did you ever redeemed any other trip on Tripoto expect this?
I guess Tripoto still not refunded your credit points. Right?
How many credits you have?
Haa kiya tha to kaha ki isme twin sharing hai isliye extra pay karna padega
Call kiya Tripoto ko?
Hi RD, some packages are offered on a twin-sharing basis. This means the rates are for one person when two people are sharing the room. These packages are most suited for those who want to take a friend or family member along. So the redeemer can get it for free while their friend or family can get a discounted rate.
But this condition should be properly mentioned in the offer. Why hidden terms? How can I search another person who will go with me?
Dnt wrry bro..It happens if if your are only person on trip then trip will be cancelled...Because most trips are on twin sharing basis..They will pay for your free trip only..If There is no booking for the 2nd spot on that date it will be cancelled..
Yes,they should follow their terms.
For twin sharing, 2 person can go at the cost of one. So either you pay for second person or bring one who is ready to pay