Because in group u list yourself and busy with others but in solo u just spend time with yourself and find new experience and felt more connected with nature and your way of destination and you learned lots off thing while you travel solo this is what life also teach us.
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Appreciate your vision
Well said
Both have a good experience in their own way, you should try whatever you feel at the moment. If you want to explore more for yourself then take a solo, if you want a group fun travel and also be more safer, a group travel. Depends
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Yes exactly
I travel solo, mostly! what drives me the most across the journey i take is the thrill of being on move, the journey itself feels so free and uplifting... Sense of belonging and exploring feels amazing. You connect with yourself even more and better. As a solo traveler, you're never really alone. You get to see new places, meet interesting faces. Then you always have YOU for company :)
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Exactly....nice to hear that
Your ways ,your wish ,your time ,it's me time
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At the time just to start is the motivation. Another times peace in exploration without a judgemental eye around. Journey teaches you and turns you upside down when you are solo. New places, totally new people, experience, talks, views, nothingness in social life, going along with flow and best part is you can live on your own terms. If you want to watch a sunset watch. No hurry. If you want to stop, stop. Nobody is going to hamper you.
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Great to know
That feeling of confidence when you return!!!
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Jab group mai last moments pe sab trip cancel hoti hai
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Ha ha ha
Group travel is always good if you have like minded people in group.i always wanted to create a travel group to connect people but again when you talk about group there are different minded people in that with different views opinions etc so it may or may not work for final execution
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Independent tour plan
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Wow bengal is awesome...🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
I personally prefer to travel alone when I am pursuing my travel interests that may not be the same as my family. And for a family trip go somewhere which ticks of all the boxes for everyone... I have written about my reasons on Tripoto...
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I have been doing solo traveling for 3.5 years now. It's really exciting tbh coz you meet different kind of people across the globe and learn new and different things. Also, you can plan your trip according to your wish. You don't have to manage it with others. Do whatever you feel like. Go whenever and wherever you want to. It's actually crazy and I am sure you will love it :) Give it a shot!
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Satisfaction & Confidence