Get yourself a Forex card, I like Niyo Card. and withdraw from any ATM. Zero cost.
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Hi Nitesh! I've visited Phuket very recently and after much research, I realised that it's best to have the currency exchange done from India itself. If you're travelling from Delhi, I can share the details about the exchange dealer that offers the best conversion rates before leaving and even after coming back, to exchange the remaining Baht for INR. Otherwise, your best option is to find an authorised dealer from your place of residence. Airports offer the service but their charges are usually higher. Same goes for dealers abroad in Phuket and Krabi. Currency exchange counters are easily available throughout Phuket, if you're keen on having it done after reaching there. A FOREX card is another option, yet again with higher rates. You can even carry an Indian credit/ debit card with international transaction services enabled and use it at ATMs abroad to withdraw cash in their currency. The best options from cheapest to expensive are as follows: A local authorised dealer in India Airport Currency Exchange FOREX card Indian credit/debit card with international facilities Authorised dealers abroad Hope this helps!
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Thanks a lot.. Samarth
It depends on how money minded you are. Carrying Thai Baht was much cheaper for me (I enquired the conversion rates for both Baht as well as USD). INR to Baht and vice versa upon returning was practically cheaper. Try finding some local currency exchange around your place and talk to them. They are usually well informed and talk to the point without trying to convince to buy from them. Find numbers online and talk to them. It helps.
But taking dollars would be great rather than taking thai bhat from India ?
In my opinion it's best to get currency exchanged at Airport... Very authentic and reliable...
For money exchange you should go to counters at the BTS station rather than Airport.
Don't exchange the currency in the airport. If you are unable to do it from India, do in the exchange centers near Patong beach. One exchange center opposite to jungceylon mall given us a rate of 0.40 when we travelled in December.