There is no such ideal budget trip, its all depend on how can you manage your trip. It varries from 2k-15k and rest of depend on your luxury.
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Places to See -Bhagsu Falls -Namgyal Manastery -Triund -Dharamkot
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You can get great assistance from @rajrana or @unciatrails
Need some more details like how many days you have,what are the things you are looking forward to. Here are few things: Triund Trek is must.Leave early. Dharamkot : Tushita Center for meditation courses. Bhagsu waterfalls: Try Bhagsu cake.Shiva cafe. Dalai Lama sessions if you are lucky. Gallu waterfalls for sunrise views. Kareri Lake trek. Places like Bir,Dalhousie are not very far from Mcleodganj.
Hey you can checkout my latest blog on Mc'Leodganj to plan your trip. Feel free to ask questions.
If you have 5k in your pocket that will enough to stroll around Mcleodganj. Here are 5 things you should must do:- 1. Visit Ileteratti Cafe 2. Bhagsunag Falls 3. Triund trek 4. Stroll around in Mcleodganj Main Square 5. Visit Buddhist Monasteries
This place was not costly. for stasy 🏠homestays available