Hey You can use below steps, to do so 1. Login to your WordPress Account. 2. Click on Posts --> All Posts 3. Click on Edit Post 4. Click on three dots i.e. Options button 5. Go to Editor and select Code Editor 6. Now, copy the embed code from Tripoto Site. 7. Paste this embed code below or above Post Title (as per your requirement) 8. Click on Update 9. Next You can see the changes on your blog.
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Another place you can embed in wordpress is if you go to customise section of your theme in the blog, you will find site identity. There you can fix the code which will appear in all your blogs.
Of course, as an skilled WordPress user, I'm happy to help you with this. To add Tripoto-approved Blogger code to your WordPress site, you want to first copy the code provided by way of Tripoto. Then log in to your WordPress account and go to the message editor. Here you can either add code to an existing weblog entry or create a new one. If you want to add the code to an existing message, click on on the "Edit" button next to the message to which you want to add the code. Then click on on the "Text" tab in the upper-right corner of the editor to proceed to viewing in HTML format. Paste the Tripoto-approved Blogger code where you favor it to appear in your post, and then go to the Visual tab to return to the visual editor. You ought to now be able to see the Tripoto-approved blogger icon in your post. Alternatively, if you want to add code to a new message, simply create a new message, switch to the HTML view, paste the code where you favor it to be displayed, and then switch back to the visible editor. I hope this helps you add Tripoto approved Blogger code to your WordPress site! Chech my example: