Not a specific name..but book a hotel before you go there...its season time and yes they ask a lot money and cn't find any hotel or if u find one..charges are high...only suggestion is preplan you trip so u dnt feel harasse yourself..hope this help you..happy journey man
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Thanx dude🤘
Go for natraj hotel on the mall road.Price,location,services all are good.
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Look for a hotel in Barlowgunj or Landour. A little away from Mussoorie, so you'll get good hotels in good rates. Also great views, and peaceful than Mall Road.
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Try hotel sartaj, it's just next to mussorie library chowk, and will cost very less, like under 500 bucks
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The white house barlowganj! i guess it gives u a good view with a good sunset!
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