Hello Chetan, Kaziranga National Park is a great place for wildlife lovers. Offering raw vegetation and scenic landscapes, this place has various good resorts and hotels catering to different ranges and types of travellers. I have a mix bag options of good resorts, lodge, camps and hotels for you to choose from. Resorts: Borgos Resort, Bon Habi Resort, Koliabor Manor, La Vue Resort, Infinity Resort, Jupuri Ghar Resort, Jonaki Kareng and Wild Mahseer Resort Hotels: Hotel Kaziranga Holiday, Hotel Landmark Woods, The Mandu and Sneha Bhawan Camps: Nature Hunt Eco Camp, Dhansiri Eco Camp and Camp Rhino Wildlife Resort Lodge: Aranya Tourist Lodge, Iora The Retreat, Florican Lodge and Wild Grass Lodge I hope the above-mentioned options will help you to choose your kind of accommodation for your trip. Thanks.
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Thanks for the list... Really Appreciate that
IORA Retreat - Kaziranga
Hotel Kaziranga Holiday