Travel Subsistence Allowance refers to the amount of money paid to an employee or a traveler to cover their expenses related to food, lodging, and other incidental expenses during official business travel. This allowance is usually paid in addition to the regular salary or wages and is intended to cover the extra expenses incurred while traveling away from home. The amount of Travel Subsistence Allowance may vary depending on various factors, such as the location of travel, duration of travel, and the specific policies of the employer or organization. In some cases, the allowance may be fixed, while in others, it may be based on actual expenses incurred by the traveler, subject to certain limits and guidelines. The purpose of Travel Subsistence Allowance is to ensure that employees or travelers are adequately compensated for the additional expenses they incur while traveling for official purposes. It is an important part of travel policies and is intended to make business travel more comfortable and convenient for employees while also ensuring that they do not face any financial burden.