I am facing the same issue from long time but no reply from AI chat
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Hope this gets sorted soon for you too!
I've been facing this issue as well. You can try placing the cursor and then clicking on the gallery icon (in phone) or the plus icon on desktop to add photos at selected point, if you haven't already tried this. I've also noticed the formatting and hyperlinks also randomly disappear once a trip is published. Tripoto UI has a lot of space for improvement.
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I agree, Pradeepa! I tried what you suggested here but it randomly places the images anywhere on the post. And you're right, formatting magically disappears. Definitely needs improvement.
I am also facing the same issue ..infact while importing also the full content is not uploaded nor the pics.It becomes very difficult to edit the content and photos in tripoto.
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I agree; wish there was a way to get this sorted.