Spain has beautiful cities and lovely weather during summers: 1)Barcelona 2)Madrid 3)Valencia 4)Ibiza(beautiful island near spain)
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Thanks Hiba
Hey Ashwani, I was in Spain almost a year ago, and every month I think of planning a second trip there. I'd say October - March is the best time to visit. It's less touristy, and you'll be greeted with pleasant weather. I travelled specifically in south of Spain for 9 days, to experience the charm of small towns. Here are the towns I visited: - Malaga (day trip to Ronda/Nerja) - Granada - Seville - Cordoba Some tips: 1. Travel by public buses for intercity journey. They're government run, and quite affordable. You can buy tickets directly at the station. 2. If you decide on traveling in Southern Spain, avoid using public transportation in towns, instead walk. Walk everywhere you can, for however longer you can. The tourist spots are all close to each other. 3. Don't pay a lot for Flamenco shows, the advertised ones are just overpriced. If you're staying in a hostel, just ask at the reception. They usually suggest local ones which are cheaper and better. 4. If you're traveling solo or with a friend, stay in Hostels. You'll meet amazing people there, and they usually have affordable prices. Bonus: Some hostels even offer dinner nights/pub crawls/game night. 5. Don't get scammed! You'll find street vendors selling flowers/souvenirs. Just ignore them, and continue walking. 6. Day trips! If you're in a city for 1-2 days, look up for free walking tours. Well, they're not technically free, you have to tip them between 5-10 euros. But they're usually worth it. And you can even ask the guide to suggest local/less touristy spots. 7. Local food, local beer, local breakfast. DO IT! So far, this is what I can think of. But if you want more suggestions, inbox me!:) Have fun, click lots of pictures. Cheers, Riya
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Thanks Riya..👍
Madrid,Barcelona, Valencia and costa brava
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