You will experience snow, chopta has number of staying options
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6-7 days weather will be clear after that heavy snowfall
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Trekking open,,, but heavy snowfall,,, after chopta, u also going Tungnath trek, Chandersila trek, but i think in heavy snowfall route r close, so u also going alui,,auli best place in december january,,,, then stay in josimath,,,
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Yes can visit Chopta during that time. Do not forget to carry winter boots for your trek as the place is already snow-covered. i went there last month and stayed in camps. if you wish to stay in camps then i can share the contact details with you..! :)
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Sure ..! Winter jacket, gloves, winter cap, Water bottles in which you can keep some luke warm water to drink. Power banks are must. winter boots (without heels ofcourse :)). Rest you are good to go ..! i guess staying in tents can be considered the last option as it wud be extremely cold. Check for
Sure. Please share the details because we are going on our own vehicle. Anything which is important. Please share and thanks in advance
Trek till Tungnath is open.. You can also go for a small hike of Deoriatal near chopta its a good place too.
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Planned that too. Thanks :)
Trekking mostly to stop
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The trek will most probably be open(until and unless the weather is too harsh).Do check the weather report before going. Try to stay at homestays, they are cheap and they also provide Homecooked food. The stay will cost you around 300 per person while the tents will cost around ₹2000/pp. You don't need to buy boots, you can rent them at just ₹150 from the shops at the starting of trek. Get a stick-it will help you a lot, specially in case of snow. But do get insulated Jackets(-5°C will do) Don't drive during dark as Chopta has got some wildlife as well. I did it in the month of April.You can check it out in my profile. Have a nice trip!
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Thank you for the information. Can you please also help me with the contact number of Homestays if you have or any other detail.
Yes.. it is open you can book your trek with @the_merakilife .. dm them at insta
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Come to Bir billing
Which track u want to go
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Tungnath trek