If you're planning to go to Dubai, make sure you not only go to Dubai but have a quick tour around Abu Dhabi once. I have once been to UAE and this how it went. Day 1- Landing at Abu Dhabi. Day 2- Ferrari World at Abu Dhabi... it took whole day. Day 3- Visiting Sheikh Zayed Mosque and travelling to Dubai.... 4 hours of journey. Day 4- Sightseeing around the extraordinary city of Dubai. (Included Burj Al Arab) Day 5 - Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa and at the top of Burj Khalifa (try to go during sunset) Day 6- The Desert Safari and the Night at Desert Day 7- Back to Abu Dhabi and Departure
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Abu dhabhi is closed for non residents
Will inbox you :)
Hi Manish, Please reach out to me. We have created a YouTube Channel to help people travelling to UAE. Search for Two Coffees to Go on YouTube, there is a playlist - UAE on the Go. Check other videos too for more updates! Hope this helps!