I have the question though.. got the answer as well. tripoto family members like feature writer etc. they can book a package completely with their credit. & normal people like us. only will be applicable for certain discount. if you are a tripoto member, feature writer etc. then you can book entire package free with your tripoto credits I hope this will helpful 🙏
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I find it little bit Confusing tripoto credit
No idea about it. is there any package or hotel did you see in pune on tripoto if its any hotel or package available in pune then it should be book.
Yes, but am not able to redeem it for a hotel stay in Pune. am looking to book a hotel stay in pune, can you advise how it can be done?
When you choose a certain product (packages, hotel stays, online experiences, etc), you will see the option of availing Credits in the lead form. The page will tell you what is the maximum number of Credits you can use while making a booking. If you have accumulated enough Credits, you will have the option of using Credits as one of the payment methods. For more information, check out Tripoto’s guide to Credits:
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Am lookong to book a hotel stay in pune. any idea how can i do the same?