Hey Ardini, This is 7 days itinerary of Guangzhou,China : Day1: Shamian Island, Quingping Market, Sacred heart cathedral, Temple the of six banyan trees, Western han Nanyue Kings Tomb museum Day2 : White cloud mountain national park, Guangzhou ocean world, Yuexiu Park, Shangxiajiu Pedestrian street Day3 : Guangzxiao temple, SunYat-sen Memorial Hall, South china sea temple, Guandog Provincial Museum, Canton Tower, Whampoa Military Academy Day4: Baiyun Mountain, Pearl river, Mt. Foshan Liang Park Day5: Chinese ceramic city, Zumiao Temple, Chimelong Paradise, Xiangjiang safari park Day6: Lotus hill, Chang long international circus, Shiwan's Nanfeng Ancient Furnace Day7: Bar street, Qiandeng Lake, Ancestral temple, Zhongshan Park, Renshou temple, Hope this helps.
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Hi, I have attached with this comment a post which contains itinerary and a list of places to visit in Guangzhou, you can go through it and plan your trip