Hey Vinaya, below are your options Mumbai To Kutch By Air: Boarding a Mumbai to Kutch flight is the quickest way to reach Gujarat. The nearest airport to Rann of Kutch is the Bhuj Airport which is located at a distance of about 47 km from Kutch. The distance from Mumbai to Bhuj takes about 1-hour flight and there are plenty of flights operating in this route. Once you reach the Bhuj airport, you can easily hire a cab to get to Kutch. Mumbai To Kutch By Train: The nearest railway station to Kutch is Ratnal Railway Station which is located at a distance of about 45 kms from the Bhuj airport. The distance between Mumbai and Kutch by train is covered in 14 hours with a number of interesting stations coming on the way. Mumbai To Kutch By Road: If you are contemplating a drive to Kutch and wondering how to reach Kutch from Mumbai, then it is a great idea to just book yourself an outstation cab and drive in luxury.The journey takes about 16 hours to cover 932 km which is Mumbai to Kutch distance by road via NH79. Make sure to carry a map of Rann of Kutch to help you find proper directions. Cheers!!
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From Bhuj you can take public transport to White Desert. Check out my blog on Rann of Kutch. Happy Travelling!
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Train! Aeroplane! Car!
You can take a train from Mumbai to Ratnal it would take 14 hours approx, bus to Bhuj which is another 45 km then Bhuj to Kutch 70kms, you can also take a ride on jugad to enjoy more that will take you to white desert.
Hii, trains are available frm CST Mumbai to Bhuj u can book flights also frm Mumbai to Ahamdabad n an fetch a bus or train frm there.