Do not disclose your belongings. Dress Modestly, don’t flash any accessory. Irrespective of your gender. Always ensure to hint that you shared the details of your hitchhiking host with your acquaintances or friends. Make sure of your route and milestones on the way. Keep someone informed about your trip. Don’t pounce on eating or drinking if offered by your hitchhiking host. Be alert and don’t ignore any danger cues.
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Thank you ... really a valuable information ❤️
From where are you starting. i am not sure how good ur hitchhiking would. dont carry lot of valuables. usually people are friendly but stil be cautious. if u come to cohin do ping me. i can help you around in cochin. also for travel relate things in cochin check my trip published in my profile.
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9539588108 .. ping me on watzapp after 15th
Sure bro ping me your WhatsApp number
From where you are starting ?
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Am starting from banglore bro