Hi... preetam well in around a week 7 days would be enough for covering these three places. route is common till rudraprayag. but it would be hectic because in kedarnath & tungnath you have to treak by your feet 👣. then till Badrinath you can reach directly no need for any kind of treak. if you start your journey from dehradun Or haridwar in 3 days you can cover kedarnath then in next 2 days you can cover tungnath then again 2 to 3 days ahead for Badrinath. but lot of physical & mental strength is needed. if you are ready then you can do it. in kedarnath & Badrinath fooding & lodging is not that much expensive. in November you can see snow there & may be in may when temple open you can see snow I have visited these 3 places you can check that out in my profile I wrote about detailed article about these 3 places separate
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Yes all three treks combo package is available in many travel houses. It’s a week trip. Most of the these trips start from Haridwar. The cost ranges between 13k to 17K. From many travellers I know who have been to all these three trips have travelled on their own. They spent for transport journey till Haridwar, they stayed in hostels and zostels and spent for food. In that case the cost proved budget friendly. Will share a few Tripoto links by many other travellers on Kedarnath Badrinath and Tunganath trek see if it is suitable for your travel.
You can easily cover all three at one go. Shared cabs and buses ply from Haridwar and Rishikesh for all three places.