There are many airlines that offer dummy tickets for Europe Schengen visa. My friend used one tour operator's service for that. You can find more details in this.
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It is reconmmened by the official visa website to buy dummy ticket.Read this for more info from the official schengen site
Don't ever try to do this thing. Embassy has now established a strict scrutiny of all the visa requests they are receiving. Flight tickets needs to be booked in advanced and do not try to show a dummy ticket as they're going to perform a thorough investigation and if your visa gets rejected, they will mention the reason which may create problems for you in future if you want to apply again. Better follow the standard procedure and have everything ready.
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Buy the refundable tickets
But it will be a big risk if visa gets rejected
Nope, bookings have to be a part of your application. however, you can book dummy tickets and include that in your itinerary
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Read this for more info from the official schengen site
I agree with Mansi. Dummy tickets are booked regularly and it is accepted (pasted the official link above). Its not a fake ticket but a reserved one. And you may have to purchase the ticket before collecting the visa (which I believe is ok for you). Pls read this in case of any other confusion. But you need to ensure that the dummy
We tried to book dummy hotels, just because we wanted some more time doing our research for better accomodation, we cancelled all dummy hotels after week days after we got Visa. 3 days later, they called us and cancelled all granted VISA. :( Please be careful.
Yes, it's common practise where are several companies I used cos they have guarantie of sending PNR number on the ticket wich is most important thing, you need to notice that thing or it's mean what ticket is not going to work if it doesn't have PNR
No, you can't get a Schengen visa without a proof of flight booking. It is mandatory to attach a flight booking proof with your visa application elaborating your flight plan. You can attach a dummy flight ticket with your schengen visa application. This dummy ticket will be verifiable with six digit PNR code on airliner's website. Read more about dummy tickets.