I am not comfortable with hanging dslr around neck while travelling.lost 2 camera already just to get rid of its weight. so, a very good camera phone is my option.
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A GOPRO is great for the video recordings.
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If you are looking for a camera for videography then you can buy cannon cameras, they are good in videography and photography too. Also they are budget friendly. :)
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Budget is important.
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You can buy camera of nikon company on installments.
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If you're beginner Just see reviews about Canon 1300d ...i bought this and really that is awesome
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Camera is one time investment so better you buy best one i suggest you to buy canon 200d or m50 along with 50mm lens
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If you can manage, go for Mirrorless Cameras as they are trending at present otherwise Nikon has many options starting from point and shoot to SLRs and DLSRs that can also be used for Video Shooting as well.
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@ancy joseph lol 😅😂
Mirrorless are fantastic but only disadvantage I find is quite heavy to carry
I own a canon 1500d which is a decent buy. you can get it with basic kit lens. and buy a 50mm lens and you are good to go.
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Canon 1300d is good.Anyways check reviews before buying any stuff
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Go with pro,if you are going to make vlogs and stuff other wise can buy 200d canon or sony 6500
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As per quality sony is best