Ladakh – Haven For Nature Lovers. Auli – Tranquil Getaway. Shimla – Tourist's Top Choice. Rishikesh – Ideal For Adventure Seekers. Mount Abu – Rajasthan's Hill Station. Kasol – Trek, Explore & Camp.
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Thank you!
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Thank you! Will see places to visit there
Hey Shehreen Destination Points of Himacal Pradesh, Uttarakhand or North East state will be better option if you are planning in the month of May - September. Well inquire it on Google for bookings etc.
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Thank you! I actually wanted to go to uttarakhand, will see about it.
Being from Northeast, I can suggest you Meghalaya.
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Thank you! will surely see about it
Before I suggest you the destinations that you should consider visiting in May-June, I am telling you the places that you should avoid if you already have them in your mind. 1. Kerala – Unless you love travelling in rains, avoid Kerala. Monsoons arrive pretty early in Kerala, and it can ruin your travel plans 2. Rajasthan – Rajasthan is extremely hot during summers and hence not ideal for tourists These are some destinations that enjoy good weather during summers: 1. Himachal Pradesh – Manali, Tirthan, Jibhi, Parvati Valley, Spiti 2. Ladakh 3. Kashmir While you may consider Northeast India also, be prepared for some rain. Additionally these are some more destinations that you may consider:
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Thank you so much! this will really help me to plan my destination.
Come to Dharamsala
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There's much more to it
Thanks! I recently visited dharmshala though.
Hi Sehreen, You want to travel in India or International.
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Hello! In India
If you are looking for Indian destinations then I'm mentioning 5 of them down here:- 1. Kerala ( Munnar, Wayanad or Alleppey) 2. Jaipur or Udaipur 3. Amritsar 4. Agra 5. Leh-Ladakh