You can check on the following Angoil d'or where regional cuisine is popular La Greppia a 40 year old hotel where prosciutto sauce is yum Osteria del Gesso for Patmesan cheese Trattoria corrieri in country style ambience Ristorante La Forchetta for tortellini dishes. Parma is a north Italian city filled with abundant music, art and architecture. Exsisting from Bronze era, it is also called as Food Vallev.
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For quick and inexpensive meals in Parma, I recommend the following places: 1.Pepèn-Pepèn sells paninis (sandwiches) to a standing-room-only audience of locals looking for affordable, filling cuisine. 2.Cantina della Salute-The family-run Cantina Della Salute, serves a variety of local lunch delicacies such as pasta, soup, and paninis. 3.Parma Gelato-Cremeria Gioelia attracts a large number of ice cream aficionados (formerly known as Emilia Cremeria). For detailed info you can go through this link: Some of the other places i suggest are, 1.Ristorante Cocchi-Cocchi Restaurant is a traditional Parma Bistro.Located on the ‘other side of the Parma River in the Hotel Daniel. As i can remember , there are nine different types of cured pork starters in this restaurant. When choosing classic classic Proscuitto, Culeto, or Strolgino, I suggest you to choose ordinary Culeto meat. I also recommend that you add a piece of Parmigiano Reggiano and a plate of gnocchi frito to salumi, a pillow shaped Emilian fried bread that can be found in most Parma restaurants. 2.Trattoria Ai Due Platani 3.Angiol d’Or-its strategic location is next to the huge medieval Parma cathedral. The food is delicious, the service is considerate and efficient.
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Good Restaurants in Parma Italy are as follows Rigoletto Ristorante Cocchi Ristorante La Forchetta Ristorante Angiol'dOr
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I was in Parma two years ago. Amazing city, very authentic. I visited many places to eat and chose them at random. And I can say that not once was it bad. So I made a conclusion that all restaurants in Parma are high class, with good food and good service.