Also, remember, start trekking from Vishwema Side and get down from Jakhama Side. Don't try the opposite route or you'll end up wasting a lot of time and energy.
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Hi, the Guest house at Dzukou valley has got VIP rooms and dormitories as well. I am also visiting in the month of march.
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I guess you can also take a note of the contact provided in the comments below Rahul 😀😀
I am also searching for that, if I come to know that, i will let you know, if you come across anything about the booking, please let me know.
Yes even I got to know about the VIP rooms. But is it possible to book them in advance? Or it is booked on a first come first serve basis? Any ideas?
Try airbnb or trivago
Dzukou valley
Stay in Kigwema. Vishwema has almost nothing. Contact Rovi at 8575826863. She is a wonderful host. You can't book private rooms n Dzukou Valley. Chances are the by the time you reach there, everything will be full because travel operators book everything in advance. There are two large dorms where temperature reaches zero on odd nights. They rent blankets and mattresses. Make two of each (or may be three).
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Thanks Anshul 😀 I’ll keep this piece of information in mind