Bankura town is very well connected from towns Asansol, Durgapur and Panagarh. So from the place you are starting with, if you reach any of these towns you could reach Bankura. Highways and roadways are good to drive. Bankura is called as historical town of Westbengal where you shouldn’t miss visiting Joyrambati, Siddeshwara temple. This place is a trekkers paradise too. You could enroll for Biharinath hill trek or Koko hill trek. Another hiking spot is susunia hill. You need two full days to explore this town. One day for exploring in and around another day for adventure. Mahua is a popular local drink of this spot, besides Pera sweet. Purulia is on the east of Bankura town which is more of historical and spiritual spots. From Bankura 2 hours away is Purulia town. Another two full days is needed to explore this part of the town. Ajodhya, Doldanga, garpanchkot and surulia are places around. Called as mesmerising spot of Bengal especially during winters. Midnapore is yet another lovely spot where as you drive so you see the lovely Kangsabati river. From Purulia 5 hours away is Midnapore. This town is called as heritage town of West Bengal filled with lots to see. You could plan for 3 days exploration here. Chandrakona, jhargram palace, Kali temple, Chilkigarh and bargabheena temple are places around while Brahmo samaj, dantan are old ancient spots. All through winters all three spots are great to drive, provided you carry enough clothes to protect yourself from harsh winters. Kindly do a weather check before travelling. Besides places of visit mentioned in each spot is around the city, not within the city, so you try to cover four places a day if time permits. You need one day to travel up and one day to travel to return. So I have given you the itinerary for total 8 days where 2 days are up and down travel. Do check on other travellers itineries. Happy journey.
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Thank you ma'am for your kind and detailed answer. This will go a long way in creating my tour plan. 🙏