Hi Hemanth, Delhi to Nainital have a lot of public transport options including the volvo bus services, however if you want personal travel according to your needs, then you can go ahead with cab
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Cons - expensive pros - time saving and relaxing I would suggest you to take a train from delhi to haldwani and take a bus from haldwani.
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And the what about views points
If you are group of youngsters then do cab and save time. but in case you are family with kids then prefer train to Kathgodam and then cab to Nainital. A lot of cabs will be available at railway station to Nainital. if you are travelling alone then cab will be costly and you can't drive all night. if you hire a driver then you can't sleep. in train you have lot of space and comfortable. you have washrooms in Train. I have a family so i am going via train.
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Pros are that it will be more comfortable compared to bus journey. you can reach in less time. cons: it will be more costly. but that also depend on how many people are traveling along with you
Your query looks like a 5 Marks Question in the Question Paper.
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Yes, that there's a third questions the views points on the way
All depends, How many persons are going their age, come from, for how many days lugguage