Depends,how severe covid situation is and when it will be cured of
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Things are getting worst ..lets hope it will be sorted soon . stay safe
Musk,gloves sometimes shield with sanitizer bottle hanging. i cannot travel in this cannot be new normal. if covid ends,then we can travel
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No you have to addopt new travel policy to be safe
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No, it will be a lot different for a few months
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Lets hope thins change quickly ...
Same with mask 😷 no hugs , keeping distance, may be no sharing of ciggi 😆 ... atleast for a yr
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Ahahaha so true !!
Not instantly ofcourse, a lot of precaution is suggested.
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It'll take time but eventually it should.
It's hard to assume. it might not immediately be as it was, but eventually might recover. although, I don't think travelling the old way is a good option. I hope all of us are much responsible here on.
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Rightly said !!! lets hope for better future!!! stay safe
May b may not b