Yes, I agree. A couple of trips offered by them doesn't look like discounted at all!
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Yes the ones available for redeeming at present r not worth the price i feel.The approximate price in marktet for them would be almost equivalent i feel.
Only πŸ’― percent redeemable makes sense
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Ohh i thot it wud be there at the start of new month.
It was thr till 3-4 days it's been removed
Agree and there are none such available at present which is why i feel the present ones r not worth redeeming.
I totally agree with you on this. The discounted prices they offer seem as if we are redeeming our points for nothing.
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Yes, a couple of trips not diacounted at all
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Yes I too agree for this.
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Offcourse i accidentaly redeemned andamn package and once i went through same found it not economically viable so didnt use the coupon.
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It was equivalent outside with only slight discount. luckily it was only 500 credits. the 100 thailand one was worth redeeming but i just recently did the thailand trip so didnt redeem it. its kind of wastage of credits!!I also feel that the actual package price would be almost equivalent if not cheaper.
Even I felt the same this time
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I too think the same... i was planning for Malaysia but when i look for the itinerary, i thought i can manage in lesser budget including flights... better use the credits for hotel booking or those imagica/wonderla park tickets...! more worth...
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Me too, feeling that. I thought to redeem Dubai package but after counting total price, it would be better if I go myself arranged. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
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Some.times its happens so you should redeem that trip in which its very cheap after even flights.
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50000 for 2 people is almost done for 5 or 6days . What you are expecting . 25k per person is not bad idea.
11,300 for 1st person,15000 for 2nd person,Total - 26,300 for 2 without flights for 5D/4N............Similarly,5,600 for 1st person,14000 for 2nd person,Total-19600 for 2 without flights for 5D/4N.So if we add flights worth 30000 from Delhi (to and fro),the package would be 50000-60000 INR.
10000 for 1st person,13700 for 2nd person,Total-23700 for 2 adults without flights FOR 6D/5N Thailand.I think if we add flights for 30000 for 2 adults,the package would be 54000 INR.That is a regular package price for 2 adults i feel for Bangkok/Pataya package.
Please check.carefully 6D/5N for thailand is good and SriLanka is also.good in reasonable rates and after that 5D / 4N for Andaman is very cheap.
There is none at present which has Singapore in it.Yes there is one for Dubai but its for 53K for 2 adults for 3 nights.
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Yes it is.
Yes its true
Yes u r right its just a regular pacakage cheating