Self planned trips are always cheaper than tour packages, as you have better control over the itinerary. I planned a 9 day trip to Thailand on a medium budget which cost around 65k INR and it was my first international trip. This included flights, hotels, food, cabs, attractions and sightseeing cost, scuba diving and shopping. We covered a lot of places in Bangkok, Phuket, Phi Phi islands and Krabi. Do DM me in case you're planning a trip to Thailand. I have a detailed itinerary and can help you plan 😊
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6205409396 call me bro
Hello I am planning a trip to thailand next January with my family kindly help me with the planning..self planned or tour packages which is better
Hello i want detailed review for planing for phuket and krabi tour planning.
I want details on Thailand trip - planning to go there - kindly help
Hello, Lalbahadur Bharati, the answer for your question is yes. But as this is new place for you, you will end up in spending more in unexpected things/places. It will be cheaper if you have solo travel experience. Again if you want to travel with the family do not opt for self planned trip. Pros and cons of Self planned trip are PROS 1.Cheaper, if will executed . 2.Can spend as much time you would like to, in desired place. And possible to give enough time for your recreational activities 3. Good for explorers and adventurous people, as they could learn by experience. CONS 1. Expensive, if it is unplanned. Tough for beginners to plan and execute well. 2. Will spend time in engaging and understanding the people and place instead of enjoying. 3. For holiday goers, not much useful. Waste of time and money. For further more details, you can contact me by sending Email : subject: tour package vs Self planned trip.
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Depends If you want avail the same service that is include in Tour Package then self trip will be more costly.
See, tour packages are always cheaper but your flexibility gets restricted. If you're one of those who would like to sit back and let someone else plan things for you, tour packages are the best. It also takes care of any food restrictions you might have. Alternatively, you could stay at the hostels or budget hotels, enjoy the street food and travel thailand on your own as well.
Thailand is very doable with self planning. For phi phi or James Bond island trip, ask your hotel in Phuket as they will offer much better price for guests. Bangkok attractions can be accessed easily by metro and ferry. I did Thailand on my own at my own pace. It saves money and you will come back home with better experience
Hey Lalbahadur bharati mam, Hope you are good. I tour can only be enjoyed if you plan to have a tour with a tour guide as i did last month when i was going to London. I hired a tour guide to explore as many places and he helped me to visit all places. And it only happened due to his vast knowledge about the areas of London. Must hire them if you need a cheaper trip, here is the link:
Planning to visit Dubai package if its Available this month
Hi, canyou send me your Thailand itenary. Haveyou travelled to UK?