Use laptop/desktop for writing/posting trip or final editing.It will resolve ur issues.
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No i did through desktop amd it happnd the same way. i deletd my trip then
It happened with me as well.. You need to check on both website and app..
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I think clear ur data in the app info .it will help u
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No it dint help
I am facing the same issue, especially when I try to insert photos between the paragraphs for the same day/locations. After writing many blogs, what I think is if you try and insert your pics in the start or end of your paragraph for each day/location, it still works most of the times, else definitely it gets jumbled up
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I did the same and took three days to get everything alligned as per the plan.finally wn I posted it got jumbled up
Ya right. bt i like adding pics in between. i deleted my trip after trying 2-3times.
Happens with me too,...its frustrating