About the visa, I will not tell you, but I will give a couple of tips, the best thing is in Amsterdam and so everyone knows. But there are also a couple of places with gambling, the atmosphere of which I liked so much that I wrote an article about them Also, I would advise you to come first to Warsaw, and then go to Amsterdam, so it will be much cheaper
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Thank you so much!
Hey Rakshita, I visited Amsterdam in August myself. The visa application might seem scary at first, but that's just a myth. The process is super simple. I believe you will require a Schengen visa, which allows you to travel in 26 EU countries. First, book an appointment with VFS Global. Next, ensure you have all the documents on the check-list. Here's the link to checklist - You will receive a tracking code, to check the status of your visa procedure. And an email notifications if your visa has been approved, which usually is the case. After that, your passport along with the Schengen Visa stamp in it will be delivered to your home address. It takes 1 week for the visa to be processed after appointment with VFS. But, on a safer note, I'd recommend you to give yourself 2-3 weeks. If you have any further questions, please ask :)
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This gives a lot of answer. I'll just get back if i need more ! Thank you so much!
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Hi Rakshita, you'll need a schengen visa from your first port of entry. The visa application will need you to show your hotel & flight reservations along with other documents. Seek an agent's help to file for visa. The documents they require to approve, especially from India are far more than what's listed on their website. Best to apply through an agent.
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Sure will go through an agent.. thanks a lot for your suggestions!