Hi Manoj, you can Jiu Near by places and let us know from where you are starting Trip. 1. Gokarna Main Temple 2. Om Beach 3. Idagunji Ganesh Temple 4. Apsara Konda Beach and Falls as well 5. Murudeshwara Shiva Temple and Beach (very safe to play in beach and So many thrilling boating options) 6. Kudle Beach 7. You visit Yana caves and Mirjaan fort if time permits
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Try going to udupi as well.
U can go to udipi,manglore,coorg,jog falls
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Yeah so u can visit Udipi nd manglore if u have ur own vehicle
Thanks, but I dont think time will permit for udupi, mangalore, coorg in these 3 days.
Gokarana temple,murudeshwar temple n beach kudle beach,om beach,gokarana beach Karla caves
You can go to malpe beach in udupi and try dosas of udupi and you can explore the St Mary's islands too