Hey there, I was backpacking solo in Italy for 2 weeks and stayed in hostels and traveled essentially by foot within the towns. Average price of hostels is anywhere between 17 euro - 25 euro per night. Most hostels offer free dinner/breakfast and evening snacks. So if you eat a heavy breakfast, you can skip lunch and save money. If you're tight on money, check out couchsurfing, you would save money on your hostel. If you go to a local restaurant, an avg meal would cost you 7-9 euros. However, keep in mind that the restaurants near famous tourist spots tend to be super expensive. The price of beer starts from 2.5 euros, although, domestic beers are cheaper than the imported ones. It's not mandatory to tip in Italy, but it's generous to tip 10% of the bill. Bus/Tram tickets is 1.50 euros for 1 way. And if you're traveling between cities, then RegioJet trains would be the best option if you're in short of time - tickets aren't so expensive. Usually between 15-25 euros. Alternatively, FlixBus/MarinoBus are other cheaper options, but it would probably take you longer to arrive at your destination. If you're a student, then all tourist attractions offer discounted tickets. They're mostly 20% cheaper. In all, your trip shouldn't cost you more than 800 euros for 10-12 days. Hope this helps, if you need details on where to go, drop me a message :) Cheers, Riya
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How many days??
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9 to 10 days
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