Hey Akansha, if you're starting from Delhi, you can go to Triund. it is an easy hike. I too did a solo hike to Triund and it is good to give a start with Triund if this is your first solo trip. Rest kheerganga trek, Har Ki dun, valley of flowers are great too. good luck🤘
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Hi Akshansh, I have done a lot of Solo Trips to the southern and eastern part of India since last 4 years and I feel I can address your query well. Can you please let me know the below: 1. Where do you intend to start your trip from? 2. What is your preferred mode- Rented vehicles- bike/car, own bike/car, public transport? 3. How many days your solo trip would last? 4. Are you ok with travelling to multiple states during the trip or you want to spend quality time at one particular state? Cheers, Pravin Malik Solo Travel Blogger at
Depeds on where u stay -in which part of this world and what are your preferances
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Hi Akshansh, It's always great to see people opting to travel solo, it's going to be an experience you will not forget. While there are several places in Himachal and Uttarakhand that you can visit, I'd like to suggest places a little off the beaten path. You can head to Jibhi, Sainj Valley or Chitkul (all located in Himachal Pradesh). You can easily do a trip in Rs 8000 to these places! Getting there is quite easy, you will get all kinds of buses from Delhi that will suit your budget. For Sainj Valley and Jibhi, take a bus till Aut, and then a local bus to the respective destinations. For Chitkul, take a bus till Shimla, and then a bus to Chitkul the next day. Chitkul is situated in Kinnaur and makes for a fantastic and adventurous road trip. This hill station is extremely gorgeous and is sure to stun you with its beauty. You will find a number of homestays and hostels in all the three places. For Chitkul, check out Zostel; for Sainj, Aastha Homestay; for Jibhi , have a look at Mudhouse Hostels by E-Living Project. All destinations are backpacker and solo traveller friendly, so I'm sure you'll have a great time. You can also have a look at this article for more ideas: Hope this helps! Happy journey, Saumiabee
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Thank you so much!👍🏻😊
Heyy buddy from where you ate so that I can tell you some budget travelling spots.. I'm also a solo traveller
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U can visit Pondicherry, you can also find many solo travelers here.
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Best place is coorg around this budget
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He started his trip from Delhi not Bangalore
Hey brother what is you starting point ? then I will help you
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So as per my experience you can go to himachal predesh 1- kasol 2- kheerganga trek 3- pulga 4- triund trek (MacLeodganj) 5- manali 6- dharamshala 7- chail And many places in utrakhand too 1- chakrata 2-nainitaal 3- almora 4- auli 5- rishikesh and if you want best experience then go for kheerganga trek, pulga, kalga,tosh,chalal choose your place and let me knw I will help you further and you and cover all these places in 8000