Hey Banjaaran, Thanks for bringing this up from your end ... Even I have seen people answering only for the sake of credits and it should be stopped I guess ... Once it is seen that the question is answered in a correct manner, I don't feel there would be any need to answer it all over again ... If there is something to add to the answers also it's fine to give away the answer .... Hope people will take it to consideration and not continue doing it again ... Happy Travelling!!!
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Even I was considering this point. sometimes even persons only copy paste the above answers.
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Ha ha ha ... that has happened with me many times ...
But even if that happens.. a conversation is taking place.. maybe they'll also be learning for that.. I don't see that as a valid point.. Let everyone be active on the community.
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Ur view..
Probably, how to earn credits?? I do not agree with you.