Minimum budget for goa to chill is 2k per person per day (excluding the water activities) two things must to do in Goa: 1)Parasailing 2)Scuba diving
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It is suitable as it the peak time of visiting Goa. But it would certainly cost a lot. Try staying in the local lodges and guest house as it will be a huge relief on your budget. And if you are going to Goa, water sports like parasailing and skuba diving is a must try. Happy travelling !!
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Yes, it is
Haan bhai chalte h
Bro, apne v chalte h
December and January together is the best time to visit Goa but it will certainly be costlier during the rest of the year and your budget depends on from where you are travelling to get to Goa.
Hi! goa during December and January are usually very crowded! I suggest you to visit Goa in January end or Feb starting. Do visit south Goa! beaches there very serene and the water is clean! try agonda beach - it has many sea view cottages and live music performances in the market! Budget of your trip will depend where you stay! will cost you 1500-2000 bugs for lodging and food. All the best for the trip :)
Well bro , these are the peak times and your accommodation will cost you 300% more than usual. prebooking will save you from the dynamic pricing. And a budget travel for that month will be a challenge
Hi Manik, Janaury is the best time to go to Goa, it is actually the peak season and because of that you will get everything at a higher price so be prepared for it. If you want a budget trip to Goa you should visit during summer or monsoon time.
Hey Manik, January is the best time to visit Goa. Even my first visit to Goa was in January. You can enjoy all kind of water sport. Try to find hostel if you are tight in budget. Have food from local shop not from the shack. I feel shacks are more costly. I stayed 3 days. Traveled from Bangalore. Total cost 6000.
Depends if you want the crowd. the beaches will be overpopulated. expensive too. best time- oct